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Miami – You Love Me

The Miami bed is a true ode to comfort. With its plush padding and split headboard that easily transforms into an adjustable headrest, this bed offers unparalleled adaptability and relaxation. In addition, the option to convert the base into a spacious container provides the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Featuring the sleek wooden base depicted in the photo, as well as a plethora of other available options, this bed is sure to cater to any personal preference. Designed by the talented Tommaso Oliva, the Miami bed is a masterpiece of adaptability, featuring a headrest, container, and various other design variants.


The Miami bed is a hymn to comfort. Great softness of the padding and multiplied adaptability thanks to the split headboard that becomes an adjustable headrest. The possibility of making the base a large container then reconciles style and practicality. Available with the wooden base as in the photo and in many other options. Designed by Tommaso Oliva # adaptability # headrest #container #variants #design