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The design plays with the effect quilting created according to a regular rhythmic sequence, which characterizes the sofa’s flexible, dynamic and pop aesthetics. A strong sign that enhances Sacai’s checkerboard modularity, in all its multiple configurations,
adapting to the different needs of those who use it. Available both with metal base and with base covered in leather or fabric, the seat cushions, in memory foam, guarantee extreme comfort.


Sacai sofa. The design of this sofa is truly unique and eye-catching, with a playful and dynamic aesthetic that is sure to make a statement in any living space. The effect quilting, created through a regular and rhythmic sequence, adds a bold and distinctive touch that enhances the overall modularity of the Sacai checkerboard design. This sofa is not only stylish but also versatile, with multiple configurations that can adapt to the different needs of its users.

Whether you choose the metal base or opt for a base covered in leather or fabric, the seat cushions of this sofa are designed with memory foam, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort. The combination of style and comfort makes this sofa a truly exceptional piece of furniture that will transform any room into a dynamic and inviting space. Experience the flexibility and pop aesthetics of this unique design and add a touch of personality to your home with the Sacai sofa.