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At the heart of Studio Vondom’s new Origami collection lies a masterful fusion of traditional art and modern innovation. Inspired by the age-old Japanese art of paper folding, this series presents itself as a contemporary homage that captures the pure essence of simplicity and sophistication. Origami, composed of an exquisite selection of animals and faceted vases, is the result of a meticulous design process where each piece embodies the beauty of simplified geometry.
The Origami collection is a celebration of timeless elegance, where each object is a piece of art in itself. Each piece in the collection has been carefully designed to provoke a unique sensory experience, where faceted shapes play with light and shadow, creating a visual spectacle that captivates and fascinates. Welcome to an experience where form, function and philosophy meet to celebrate the beauty of the simple, redefining spaces with touches of visual poetry and timeless elegance.