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Refined to the eye, thanks to the soft and delicate shapes, and irresistible for its comfort, George is a key element of the new collection made in Valentini. The deep and comfortable seat offers a situation of absolute relaxation emphasized by the fine quality of the finishes, skins and fabrics skillfully handcrafted. Voluptuous linen cushions define this sofa with an updated mid-century modern style. Sink into the feather filled cushions and relax – you’ve come home to your new favorite place.




Exquisitely crafted to delight the senses, George from Valentini’s latest collection is a triumph of sophisticated design and unparalleled comfort. Its soft and delicate shapes captivate the eye, while its plush, deep seat invites you to sink into a world of absolute relaxation. Every aspect of this exceptional sofa has been meticulously considered, from the fine quality of its handcrafted finishes and sumptuous skins and fabrics, to the indulgent linen cushions that define its updated mid-century modern style. With its feather-filled cushions and irresistible appeal, George is the perfect addition to any home seeking a touch of refined luxury. So why wait? Come home to the ultimate in comfort and style with George, and discover a new level of relaxation that’s truly unmatched.