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Le Corbusier

Designed in 1928 this chair became famous in 1965 with Cassina, the LC4 is the definitive chaise longue: built in a shape designed for relaxation, the chair was created when the three designers teamed together to put man at the centre of their design, taking the idea that form and function should be at the service of relaxation, creating a perfect balance between its geometric purity and its ergonomic intent.


The Cassina LC4 Chaise Lounge is one of the most iconic furniture pieces ever made. Initially designed in 1928 and released in 1965, this beautiful item is the definitive chaise lounge; its construct revolves around the human body. The idea that form and function should be at the service or relaxation is the driving force behind its conception; the furniture must be following the user’s needs and not the other way around. This line of thought gave birth to Le Corbusier’s LC4; an exquisite piece of furniture that continues to captivate anyone who sees its superior form.