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Jordan, eclectic and flexible, with the back with sinuous and enveloping shapes, on a wooden base and metal foot that lightens the design. A new and contemporary concept of using a seat thanks to combinable elements that take on the function of a lounge seat or corner sofa each time and with the pouf as a jolly element. Extra comfort thanks to the memory foam cushions and the refined detail of the metal foot with toe in precious rose gold finish


Jordan is a stunning and versatile sofa that exudes modern elegance. The sinuous and enveloping shapes of the backrest create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, while the wooden base and metal foot add a touch of lightness to the overall design. This innovative and contemporary concept of using a seat is brought to life by combinable elements that can transform into a lounge seat or a corner sofa depending on your needs. The pouf adds a playful touch and can be used as a versatile jolly element to further enhance your living space. Jordan is not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. The memory foam cushions provide an extra level of comfort, ensuring that you can fully relax and unwind. The refined detail of the metal foot, with a precious rose gold finish, adds a touch of luxury to this already exceptional piece of furniture.Experience the ultimate blend of comfort, functionality, and style with Jordan, the perfect addition to any modern living space.