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Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa prides itself on crafting products that embody the essence of quality materials, meticulously selected to perpetuate a legacy of experience, passion, inspiration, and creativity. The skilled craftsmanship of seasoned artisans seamlessly integrates with the innovation of contemporary Italian design, resulting in original and distinctive collections characterized by timeless elegance.

Established in 1975, Tonin Casa stands as a beacon of Italian elegance and innovation in the furnishing industry. Renowned for the unparalleled quality and uniqueness of its offerings, Tonin Casa’s product range encompasses tables, coffee tables, chairs, armchairs, small armchairs, beds, cupboards, bookcases, lighting fixtures, and a myriad of other accessories and furnishing adornments. Each piece is a fusion of passion, artisanal craftsmanship, functionality, and cutting-edge design trends, epitomizing the beauty of 100% Italian-made products and the essence of Italian design on a global scale. With a commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and an unmistakably Italian aesthetic, Tonin Casa endeavors to transform every space into something extraordinary, catering to the diverse needs of contemporary living.

For years, Tonin Casa has been at the forefront of creating furniture and furnishings with a distinctly Italian design, proudly showcasing its expertise at prestigious events such as the Biennale. Notably, Tonin Casa hosted celebrities on its iconic Mivida armchair at a special corner of the Sina Hotel Centurion Palace. This chair, a symbol of artisanal heritage blended with modernity, aesthetics, and functionality, was presented as a true diva, serving as a cherished memento of an unforgettable exhibition. This initiative was not only a display of excellence but also had a philanthropic purpose, aimed at supporting workers in the entertainment industry, severely impacted by the Covid-related lockdowns. The Mivida armchair was auctioned off during a meeting-vernissage at the new Tonin Casa showroom in Milan, with the proceeds donated to an association dedicated to assisting the cinema industry and its workforce.

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