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Sturm Milano

Sturm Milano emerges from a fusion of forward-thinking design, extensive research, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. It epitomizes innovation, brimming with creativity that translates seamlessly into its product range. From decorative accents to modular systems, Sturm Milano breathes life into articles imbued with a distinct identity, catering to various aspects of indoor lifestyle.

100% crafted in Italy, Sturm Milano meticulously orchestrates the development and production of its design pieces for commercial, residential, and office spaces. The journey begins with the inception of creative concepts and progresses through the meticulous crafting of 3D prototypes to the final product. Sturm Milano marries skilled craftsmanship with ethical manufacturing practices, embodying both authenticity and integrity.

Rooted in the storied legacy of La Rosa Manichini, a pioneer in mannequin and shop accessory production since 1922, Sturm Milano represents a culmination of passion for design and impeccable craftsmanship. Evolving from its origins, it continues to embrace innovative and groundbreaking visions.

Sturm Milano distinguishes itself on the global stage as a beacon of innovation, driven by a progressive outlook. Its materials are recyclable, non-toxic, and resilient, ensuring longevity without compromising sustainability. Its aesthetic finesse mirrors the pristine allure of ice, seamlessly integrating into both residential and commercial environments.

Each creation by Sturm Milano exudes a unique essence, playing with the interplay of lightness and space, reminiscent of the renowned Murano blown glass. This distinctive characteristic infuses unparalleled charm into every collection, epitomizing the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance and sophistication.

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