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Richmond Interiors are a wholesaler specializing in luxury furniture and accessories. Our family-run business prioritizes warmth, efficient communication, and flexibility. With roots in retail, operating our own furniture stores, we possess firsthand knowledge of retailers’ needs and excel in providing optimal support. Our high-end showroom welcomes both retail partners and private individuals, fostering inspiration and direct consumer interaction.

Drawing inspiration from our travels across continents and frequent visits to international trade fairs, we continuously curate a collection that reflects the latest trends in furniture and interior design. Our commitment to staying abreast of industry developments ensures that our offerings are always at the forefront of luxury and style.

In the 1980s, our journey began with Lex Tiggeler senior’s transition from his father’s metal workshop to the world of antique furniture. Lex’s keen eye for business opportunities led him to import and refurbish antique cabinets, eventually expanding operations to Romania and Indonesia to meet market demands. As Lex’s children, Lex Junior and Anne-Roos, joined the company, our evolution accelerated, culminating in a rebranding to Richmond Interiors in 2011. With a renewed focus on wholesale expansion, we transitioned away from retail and embraced a comprehensive lifestyle program.

Tragically, a devastating fire in 2016 threatened to derail our progress. However, with unwavering support from our staff, suppliers, and dealers, we emerged stronger and more determined. Overcoming this setback, we have grown into a globally recognized wholesaler, offering a complete luxury program to customers in over ten countries.

Driven by passion and creativity, we craft contemporary luxury collections that encompass every aspect of interior furnishing. From tables and chairs to mirrors and decorative accents, our products reflect the latest trends while retaining a unique flair. At Richmond Interiors, we believe in pushing boundaries and celebrating the beauty of life beyond conventional norms.

As a family business with streamlined communication channels, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt swiftly to market trends. Through our extensive dealer network, we provide unparalleled service, offering comprehensive support, including visualizations, store planning, staff training, and efficient order processing.

Together, we strive to make luxurious interiors accessible to all, embodying the ethos of “Luxury for everyone!”

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