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Limited Edition

Limited Edition specializes in crafting handmade, custom-designed rugs imbued with opulence and sophistication. Established in 1992 in Mouscron, Belgium—the heart of the country’s textile industry—the company was founded by Creative Director Katia Dewitte, who leads alongside her husband, Philippe Hanet, and brother, James Dewitte. In less than three decades, this family-run enterprise has emerged as a global force, boasting a workforce of over 200 employees, prestigious showrooms in Paris and Brussels, and a distinguished clientele base.

At Limited Edition, meticulous attention is paid to every stage of rug production, from dyeing and spinning to weaving and tufting. With complete control over the entire manufacturing process, the company ensures the flawless quality and exquisite beauty of each rug. Under the guidance of Katia Dewitte, the in-house design team crafts designs that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with modern aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from global travels and a keen eye for captivating color palettes and textures, Dewitte’s designs exude a distinctive, cosmopolitan flair.

In 2020, Limited Edition embarked on an exciting venture, collaborating with a select group of international artists and designers to create a collection of exceptional rugs. The inaugural collaboration features acclaimed Belgian interior designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer, resulting in the creation of the tufted rug titled ‘Fearless Living’. This collaborative effort exemplifies Limited Edition’s commitment to innovation and artistic excellence in the realm of luxury rug design.

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