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Exportjunk: Experience and Creativity!

The blend of experience, creativity, and top-notch craftsmanship defines Exportjunk furniture. As pioneers in rattan furniture manufacturing, Exportjunk has built a 43-year legacy of crafting exquisite pieces from natural woods—elegant, sturdy, and resilient.

Trends dictate form, style, and design, guiding our commitment to crafting with premium-quality woods exclusively. We embrace solid wood, acknowledging its natural evolution over time—developing cracks, stains, and varied hues, each marking the unique identity of the wood, enhancing the allure of our furniture with its inherent authenticity.

Oak, Irioko, Suar, and reclaimed Teak adorn gardens, bedrooms, and living spaces in our projects.

A dedicated team at Exportjunk strives for exceptional quality, earning the trust of our clientele over the years.

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