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Drigani is a distinguished company specializing in contract and hospitality design. Founded by Galliano Drigani in 1950, it began as a craft-scale business in Udine, Italy. Over the years, Drigani has expanded its reach, exporting meticulously crafted furniture and complementary pieces with international design flair to markets across the globe.

Here are some key points about Drigani:

Product Range: Drigani produces an array of furniture and accessories, including chairs, tables, armchairs, and more. These pieces are crafted from various materials such as metal, wood, aluminum, and polypropylene.

Customizable Collections: With its wealth of experience, Drigani serves as a reference point for contract customers. The company interprets spaces and creates inviting atmospheres through cutting-edge and functional proposals. Their modular collections cater to both indoor and outdoor public spaces, emphasizing versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Philosophy: Drigani values tradition, culture, passion, and elegance. Their designs strike a perfect balance between rigorous simplicity and the use of natural materials. Handcrafted details add a touch of luxury to their creations.

Outdoor Relaxation: Drigani’s outdoor furniture is meticulously designed to provide a space where time stands still and relaxation begins. Whether it’s a cozy corner or a sprawling terrace, their pieces invite you to unwind and enjoy the moment.

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